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Traveling Soccer

Coral Springs also supports a quality Traveling/Competitive soccer program, which is affiliated with FYSA.  Traveling soccer is typically a year-around program, with more games and more commitment. Minimum age is usually 8 years old. Tryouts are in the early summer for most teams. Some teams will also add players after tryouts if needed.

Coral Springs United FC- Click here . -or- contact (954) 228-0684.

Most of the traveling teams have tryouts in early summer. So you should normally know whether to sign up for CSYS during the August/September registrations.

Transfers between the traveling clubs and CSYS are NOT AUTOMATIC. So, If you have signed up with CSYS and your child then decides to play on a traveling team, you will need to request a refund (in writing) from CSYS prior to October 20. This will be made out to the parent and sent to you. You will need to pay whatever fees the traveling club needs separately.

Be sure to make your mind up early.  Coral Springs United FC may not pick up players who are registered with CSYS (the recreation program) between October 15 and March 1 of each seasonal year.  So if you want to play traveling, be sure to make the commitment before October 15.