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This year we are again holding the 'Soccer Bowl Tournament' the final two weeks of the season.  This applies only to U10 and older.


These are updated daily after completion of the games.

U10 Boys U10 Girls
U12 Boys U12 Girls
U15 Boys U15 Girls
U19 Boys U19 Girls
Final Results


Schedules for individual teams, including second round games for those teams which advance, are included on our Schedules Page These are provided for the convenience of the parents.  Coaches must verify schedule information from the league.



The tournament starts on Sunday February 21 and ends with the 'Soccer Bowl' games on Saturday March 6.  Trophy presentations for selected Under-10 and older teams will also be held on March 6th- click here for the trophy presentation schedule 

Games may be any day of the week (Fridays are reserved for make-ups).  Sunday games will not start before noon.  Evening games start at 6:15 or 7:45.  There are no games on Monday February 15 due to closure of the city parks.


Tournament Format:


ALL teams are a part of the tournament, regardless of regular season results.

This is a 'seeded' tournament.  That is, each team's position as of the seeding date, which is approximately February 9th, is used to assign them to groups.  The intent is balance each group with the same quantity of stronger and weaker teams, while giving those teams with a better record some advantages.

The tournament is a 'round-robin' format.  The first round for most teams is 3 or 4 games, playing each team in its group once.  At the end of the first round, the top two (or in a few cases three) teams in each group will advance to the second round or directly to the 'Soccer Bowl' games for smaller groups.

Games may end in ties in all matches except the 'Soccer Bowl' finals on March 6.   Advancement and position within group is determined by points from the number of wins/ties and possibly by the number of goals scored, subject to a maximum.  Complete rules are provided to each coach.

Medals are awarded to the top four finishers in each group.  Thus everyone who plays on March 6 will receive a medal.


Click here for a copy of the Tournament Rules provided to each coach.