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Returning Player Forms

Please follow the steps below.

  1. These forms are for RETURNING PLAYERS only, i.e. if you have have played with Coral Springs Youth Soccer in the last 3 years.

  2. You may fill in the form below to request a customized form for each child who is registering.  You will notice that the forms printed by this process will NOT have the complete address and telephone information on it.  We do this to ensure the privacy of our players.  You will need to manually fill this information onto the form after it is printed.

  3. After you fill in the form below and press the 'Generate' button, a registration form should appear in your browser window.  Print this form using your browser's 'Print' function; then return to this page using the 'Back' button.

First NameLast NameBirth Date (mm/dd/yyyy) 

Names must be entered exactly as shown on original registration form. Punctuation characters of space or ' should not be entered, i.e. enter D'Antonio as DAntonio.

  1. Please fill in the address, and finish (or fill in) the primary phone, cell phone and email address lines.

  2. Bring the form to the appropriate Registration along with proof of residency and the required fee. Cash or Check only - credit cards are not accepted at the in-person registration.

Non Residents

Players who are not residents of the City of Coral Springs must first purchase a non-resident sports card ($194.88 per family) from the Parks & Recreation Department. This is located in the Gymnasium at 2501 Coral Springs Drive.