Why I Can't Be A Referee

To save you the trouble of being redundantly creative, we have condensed here most of the common excuses for non-participation in this most critical function in the CSYS program. For your convenience, print this page, put an X alongside the excuse or excuses which best apply to you, sign your name and hand it in with your child's registration form; OR, fill out an application to be a referee and learn how much fun soccer can be, not just for your child, but for you as well.


Most of us knew little, or less than you, about soccer when we became referees. Not to worry . . . for the investment of a couple of evenings, we will train you and you will know more about the laws of the game than (almost) anyone.

                      I DON'T HAVE TIME!

Being a referee is the perfect slot for those CSYS parents who have crowded schedules. Your commitment consists of four to six hours of class and, when the season begins, games scheduled around your child's games (when you would be down at the fields anyway).  

                       I'M NOT THE RIGHT KIND OF PERSON! 

Yes you are. You obviously care about your child. This is a youth program run by volunteers. Would you want your child involved with someone who is not as good as you? Who would be better than a concerned parent like you? 

                       I'M IN TOO HIGH A TAX BRACKET
                      TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE THE EXTRA INCOME ! !

Not to worry. When we last heard satisfaction and enjoyment were not yet taxable. Besides, you will not have to declare as income what you did not pay for --  all of the exercise that you did not have to go to an expensive gym to get.

                       I'D LOOK SILLY IN THAT UNIFORM

Good heavens . . . you obviously haven't seen the Director of Referees!

                       I'D BE EMBARRASSED!

Everyone makes mistakes (even those of us that have been reffing for years). The important thing is to approach the job with enthusiasm and enjoyment, because that will be passed on to the players and coaches (and we can team you up with an experienced referee to help you through the initial hard times.)

                       I'M A WOMAN -- I NEVER SEE THEM REFEREE!

Wrong! We have quite a few women qualified as referees, including our Director of Referee Training, -- AND THEY ARE GREAT. We could use more! What other time in your life will you ever -- with just one breath (or TWEET) -- be able to make 22 kids stop what they are doing, actually listen to you, and then do what they are told?!?

                      I DON'T CARE ! ! !

Well here it is -- if in fact you are signing up your child to play CSYS soccer and you honestly don't care about the quality, safety, or enjoyment involved in this program . . . then you have come up with the correct excuse and we no longer have to ask why, because YOU CAN'T BE A REFEREE, and that is that.

HOWEVER, if this last excuse does not apply to you (and we hope it doesn't), then we need you badly.

IN RETURN, we promise you:




  •  AND . . . you'll never be able to watch any major sport quite the same way again.

  •  AND ON TOP OF THAT . . . the kids will be darn glad that you were there.

ONE FINAL NOTE . . . If you still don't think you are the right kind of person for this job . . . you took the time to read this whole page . . . that means you care . . . that means you are exactly the right kind of person. Now . . .

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   With many thanks to AYSO Tehachapi

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