Coral Springs Youth Soccer uses a base of about 150 active referees each season. We pride ourselves in the quality of our referees and the training they receive.

Each year we look to add to our base to replace turnover and those moving out of the area. We are particularly interested in adding parents and coaches to our referee corps. You don't have to be a player to help out; it just requires some basic knowledge of the game.

Important Dates
Oct 29 3:00PM - 6:00PM Returning Ref Meeting - Veterans Building
Oct 29 6:00PM - 8:00PM - Veterans Building

We train!

New Referee Information

We are holding classes in fall for new referees interested in being a part of our program. Referees must be at least 14 years old by December 1.

Our classes consist of in-person lecture sessions followed by an online exam. Knowledge of the Laws of Soccer will be extremely helpful in passing this exam. Those passing the exam will also be required to attend one or more field training session in late November.

The upcoming class schedule for new referees is as follows:

  • New Referee Lecture: Sunday, November 6, from 3pm - 7pm
  • New Referee Lecture: Sunday, November 20, from 3pm - 8pm

All classes will be in person at the Veterans Building

Background Check

ALL referees who will be 18 or older by the start of the season (December 1) must have a background check performed annually. In addition to being a CSYS requirement, the City of Coral Springs now mandates background checks. This can now be done on-line or by submitting a consent form in person. Click here for more information.

All Referees - Keep Us Updated

Please keep your contact information (email, address, phone, etc) updated on-line by clicking here.  

U6/U8 Rules

Click here for an excerpt of the U6/U8 rules, as taken from the complete CSYS Rules.


Downloadable W-9 form for payroll. New referees are required to submit this form in November before any games will be assigned to them.


  • Director of Referees
    Mike Weber