C  S  Y  S

Parent’s  Handbook


Coral Springs Youth Soccer is a not for profit youth sports recreational program dedicated to the growth of our players through active involvement in team sports.  Our primary goal is fun and enjoyment, not winning or losing.


Our volunteer coaches and referees have all received age specific training and are committed to the primary elements of our league.


CSYS goes to great lengths to ensure equal playing time and positive coaching techniques using volunteer board members to oversee games to guarantee the positive environment.



CSYS strives to promote a positive environment and we look to relatives and friends of participants along with our coaches and board members to make this a reality.


Summary of the Laws of the Game

   Law 1: Field of Play

All boundary lines are a part of the area they denote. The ball must be completely beyond the line to be out of the area. The sidelines or “touch lines” are in play.  A player may be outside the boundary and legally play a ball within the boundary.


Law 2:  The Ball

U6 - U8        Size 3

U10 - U12   Size 4

U14 & Up     Size 5


Law 3: Number of Players & Substitutions

U6:        7 Players (no goal

              keeper)/sub at Qtr)

U8:        8 Players (with goal

              keeper)/sub at Qtr)

U10:     9 Players (sub at Qtr)

U12-U14:    11 Players (sub at Qtr)

U15+:   11 Players (free sub)


Law 4: Equipment

Players must wear shin guards during all games and practices. Shoes with toe cleats or metal cleats are not allowed. 

Jewelry, piercings (regardless of significance) hard hair fasteners and casts will not be allowed.


Law 7: Match Duration

U6-U8:           4 equal 10 min quarters

U10-U14:    2 equal 30 min halves

U15:                         2 equal 35 min halves

U16&Up:     2 equal 40 min halves


Law 8:  Start & Restart

Team winning coin toss selects end to defend. The other team kicks off at midfield.  Kickoffs take place after goals and at start of 2nd half.  First touch must move the ball forward.  Drop ball restart is employed after temporary stoppage when no foul has occurred.



Law 9: Ball Out of Play

Ball must completely cross a touchline or goal line (in the air or on the ground) to be out of play (See Law 1).


Law 10:  Scoring

Any ball completely crossing the goal line within the goal itself, whether in the hands of the goalkeeper or not, is considered to be a goal.

U6&U8 Offensive players may not shoot from on or within the goal arc.

Law 11: Offside (U10+)

A player is in an offside position if they are in the opponents half of the field ahead of the ball, ahead of the 2nd to last defender including the goalkeeper and are not receiving the ball from a throw-in, corner kick or goal kick.

Offside is called when a player in an offside position is involved in a play or interferes with an opposing player, or gains an advantage.


IMPORTANT: Offside position is determined when the ball is played.


Law 12:  Fouls & Misconduct


Ten Major Fouls:  Direct Free Kick*


Ÿ         Deliberately playing the ball with the hand (exception-goalkeeper inside penalty area)

Ÿ         Spitting at a player, coach or referee (red card)

Ÿ         Holding an opponent

Ÿ         Contacting the opponent before the ball when tackling

Ÿ         Kicking or attempting to kick

Ÿ         Tripping

Ÿ         Jumping at an opponent

Ÿ         Charging

Ÿ         Striking or attempting to strike

Ÿ         Pushing



Minor Fouls: Indirect Free Kick**

Ÿ         Dangerous play (attempting to kick the ball, above the waist, in close proximity to an opponent, or while on the ground)

Ÿ         Keeper holds ball longer than (6) seconds (not called in U6 and U8)

Ÿ         Keeper handling the ball when passed or thrown in by a teammate

Ÿ         Intentionally obstructing an opponent

Ÿ         Charging the goalkeeper

Ÿ         Goalkeeper re-handles the ball before another player touches it


CAUTION:  Yellow Card

Ÿ         Unsporting behavior

Ÿ         Dissent by word or action

Ÿ         Persistent fouling

Ÿ         Delay of restart

Ÿ         Enters or reenters the field without referee’s permission

Ÿ         Leaves field without referee’s permission

Ÿ         Fails to respect (10) yards on free kick


SEND OFF:  Red Card

Ÿ         Serious foul play

Ÿ         Violent conduct

Ÿ         Spitting

Ÿ         Denying a goal by deliberately handling the ball (non goalkeeper)

Ÿ         Commits a foul in a goal scoring opportunity

Ÿ         Foul language or gestures

Ÿ         Second Yellow Card in the same match

No cards in U6 or U8.


Law 13:  Free Kicks

*Direct kick may be played directly at the goal.  A direct kick within the penalty area is a penalty kick, rather than a free kick.  All kicks in U6 & U8 are indirect free kicks.


**An indirect free kick must touch a second player before it can be counted as a goal.



Law 14:  Penalty Kick (N/A U6 & U8)

Assessed for a major foul (direct free kick) within the penalty area.

Ball is placed on penalty spot out from center of goal.  All players except goalkeeper and kicker must be outside the penalty area & arc.  The goalkeeper cannot move forward until the ball is played.  The ball is in play when kicked and moved forward. 

The kicker cannot retouch the ball until touched by another player.


Law 15:  Throw In

Ÿ         Player must face the field

Ÿ         Have part of each foot on or behind the touch line

Ÿ         Keep both feet on the ground until ball is released

Ÿ         Deliver the ball from behind and over the head

Ÿ         Use both hands equally


Thrower may not touch the ball until touched by another player.


Law 16:  Goal Kick

Restart after ball crosses end line last touched by attacker.

Ball must completely leave penalty area before it can be played.


Law 17:  Corner Kick

Restart after ball crosses end line last touched by defender.



Please keep in mind the referees two main objectives are to keep the game safe and keep it moving



u     Be positive in support of the players, referees and coaches.

u     Be aware of your sideline behavior. 

u     Set a good example for the kids.

u     Please no smoking or foul language.

u     Please cooperate with league officials.

u     Be supportive of the referees, an important part of our program is bringing up young referees.

u     Communicate with coaches when your kids must miss a game or practice. 

u     Always try to be on time.

u     Above all, have a great time!


Together, we can make this a great experience for everyone involved, most importantly our children.

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