U06 Coach Calendar

Sat 23rd Oct 2021

Coach Field Training and Player Clinic - 8:30am - 10:30am

Wed 10th Nov 2021

Call all players on roster - report issues to age group director.

Sun 14th Nov 2021

Practices begin.

Sun 21st Nov 2021

Second Practice at pre-assigned times

Sun 28th Nov 2021

Optional Practice at pre-assigned times

Mon 29th Nov 2021

Uniform Pickup - Mullins Hall- 6:30pm.

Mon 29th Nov 2021

Give out uniforms this week.

Sun 5th Dec 2021

First Game

Wed 15th Dec 2021

Holiday Parade - be a part of it.

Fri 17th Dec 2021

Last Game before break

Sun 9th Jan 2022

Games Resume after break

Sat 5th Feb 2022

Last day to Submit Ratings Sheets on-line

Sun 6th Feb 2022

Pick up pictures - Mullins Park between noon and 3pm

Sun 27th Feb 2022

Final game - no practice before game - awards immediately after game.